Dinnerly is the new, more affordable Meal Kit delivery services around.


Marley Spoon have a new product around called Dinnerly, one of the most affordable Meal-Kit delivery services around, and at just $5 a plate they’re going to be hard to beat.

The way they’re able to keep costs low is by offering a fixed weekly menu, cutting down excess packaging and not printing recipe cards, which is not only cost effective but also much more environmentally friendly by reducing packaging waste at home.

You may be thinking that $5 a plate can be quite expensive if you have multiple mouths to feed, and for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week this can soon add up to be nearly double a weekly shop, but people don’t buy meal kits for the price, they buy them for the convenience. Having all of the ingredients delivered to you for the meals you’re wanting to prepare, not having to leave the house and search multiple supermarkets for the ingredients you need saves a lot of time for the busy family who are wanting to still cook and eat healthily over ordering a take out.

The one drawback for Dinnerly and every other Meal-Kit company out there is the fact that you still need to cook the food, having to wait for the ingredients to be dropped at your door to then cook doesn’t seem as practical in time saving over having the ingredients already in. A recent study showed that there was a 48% customer retention after 6 months of being subscribed to Meal-Kit services, but the way these companies entice you back is through their cleverly placed discounts such as $10 off your next order or even 50% off in some cases.

Dinnerly is a force to be reckoned with, with their affordable and convenient meal-kit options, at the moment their service is available on the west coast, and looking to expand across other regions later in the year.

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