Great fun ways to exercise your dog


You walk your canine friend once, twice maybe three times a day, following the same path each and every time, knowing the route so well that you could walk it blind folded. This is still wonderful exercise for your furry friend, but can be quite boring for them, smelling the same areas they smelt earlier that day, seeing the same places day in day out, and it can’t be that much fun for you either. We have a few fun activities in this list to switch it up a bit for you and your pal, making it fun and putting new meaning in exercise.

Let your dog guide the way

For a fun twist on the walking experience have your dog walk you instead of you walk your dog, allow your dog to be as adventurous as they want to be (obviously with the exceptions of private properties etc) and you’ll be suprised where they take you, make sure you keep note of the route you’ve taken though.

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Go for a run with your dog

Running your route instead of walking it is fantastic exercise for both your dog and you, it’s great at building up stamina and keeping you both nice and healthy. But remember to keep stopping at where your dog wants to stop, if they’re needing a toilet break or to just greet other dogs or people, remember this is their time not just your own.

Sign them up for a game of fly ball

Fly ball is another fantastic exercise for your canine friend, it involves a group of dogs running something similar to a relay race. The dogs will be teamed up, the goal is to run along a track, grab a ball from the other end and fetch it back to the start, once they’re back to the start the next dog will run and repeat. It’s great to let your dog play with other dogs, great for exercise and great for training behavior.

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Tracking is fun for any breed

There are plenty of tracking fun joint activities around for dogs to track down an item, this is great fun for the dog, getting to run around with other dogs and have a bit of a competition, and great if you need to rest your feet. If there aren’t any in your area then you can always make your own tracking game for them, any breed can partake on this activity they don’t necessarily have to be sniffer dogs.

Get your dog into an agility group

If your dog needs to shed a few pounds an agility group is a great way to give your dog all of the exercise they need. It’s a high energy jumping sport that not only gives your dog a great workout, but also helps build their confidence.

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Playing fetch and with other dogs

Fetch, as simple as the game is, is a fantastic activity for your dog, and helps train them in obedience. Another great activity is just letting them run wild and play with other dogs, naturally your dogs will chase each other, go on little sprints together and invent their own little high exercise games.

Your dogs brain is important too

As well as training your dog physically, it’s just as important to train them mentally too, especially if they’re still a puppy. You can make this fun and rewarding for them, teach them to give their paw, high five, roll over etc. Reward them with treats or a game. They’ll soon pick it up, and it helps develop their obedience and life skills.

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Walking your dog on the same route each day is obviously not a bad thing for them at all, but every now and then try squeezing these activities in there to make it more interesting and exciting for them. You’ll both feel the benefit of most of these activities.