Here’s What Happened When My Husband & I Tried Cosy House Bed Sheets


Do you have a partner, who you love dearly, but has a totally different sleep style than you? You prefer to be cozy, they prefer to be cool. You prefer silk, they prefer jersey knit. This was the story of Matt & Kelsea.

We’ve been together since 2010 and go together like milk & cookies. But we couldn’t be more polar opposite – in shape, style, sentiment, and (you guessed it) bedding preferences. About a year ago, we realized how big of a problem bed sheets were causing in our personal lives and marriage. Lack of restful sleep was leaving us both cranky, lethargic, and irritable – we just didn’t feel like ourselves. Our mental batteries were at an all time low. And we knew that a solution to sleeping better together wasn’t something to compromise on – it isn’t like picking a table lamp!

“Opposites attract is very romantic, until you share a bed.”

It’s no understatement that a good night’s sleep makes everything better. Doctors say that it even sharpens the mind, aids weight loss, boosts creativity, and reduces stress and inflammation in the body. Without an uninterrupted, full eight hours every night, your body can’t operate properly. We’re all familiar with the lack of alertness, memory loss, greater stress and moodiness that follows a sleepless night. But there’s also surprising, long-term effects, like weight gain, increased appetite, low sex drive, saggy skin, wrinkles, and risk for diabetes and heart disease. My husband and I were shocked by these health effects. Honestly, it explained quite a bit about why we are puffier, rounder, and… visibly aged.

We’d tried cotton sheets, which were too cool for me. Satin sheets, which weren’t breathable enough for him. And then percale sheets, which we both felt were too heavy. Finding a fabric that was comfortable for the both of us was proving to be difficult. So, we hopped on Amazon and one of the first results for the search term “best bed sheets” was by a company called Cosy House. We’d never heard of them, but they were voted a best-seller and had some extremely positive reviews. People were going nuts over these sheets! So we ordered a set just to see. Our order arrived in two days in a lovely package.

“Don’t Compromise On Sleep”

We were looking for an impossibly genius set of sheets that keeps me cosy, while keeping him cool, that has the soft indulgence of pure silk, that also lets your body breathe, at an affordable price, please and thank you. Do these sheets even exist??

After just one night of sleeping on these sheets, the answer is YES, YES, YES.

Cosy House’s Luxury Bamboo bed sheets were the answer to our unapologetically picky prayers. I can’t believe we let our sleep suffer for years and years! Now, we both sleep throughout the night, at our preferred temperatures, with zero complications and zero compromise! My favorite part about them is that they actually stay fresh for the whole week (sometimes even longer if laundry doesn’t happen). There’s something special about the technology Cosy House uses to craft these sheets that makes them wrinkle resistant, stain resistant, and odor resistant. I really love feeling fresh and clean when I wake up. Matt’s favorite part about these sheets is their softness – they actually get softer with every wash. Have you ever heard your husband brag about his super plush bed sheets to his family and friends? He loves these sheets so much he tells everyone about them.

“These Sheets Changed Everything”

I think that’s because Cosy House sheets truly changed the game for us. It’s a difficult thing to have a different bed preference than your partner. But with these sheets, we look forward to going to sleep together and we start the day on the right foot. You can’t put a price tag on a good night’s sleep, but fortunately Cosy House’s prices are very reasonable. We got our 4 piece set (1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, & 2 pillow cases) for just $59!

We highly recommend Cosy House for these reasons:


These sheets are thermal regulating and keep the peace between the different body temperatures in the bed. Cosy and cool can co-exist!


They wick away moisture, which prevents the feeling of “trapped heat” and stops bacteria and dust mites from nesting. This keeps the sheets cleaner, longer and makes them hypoallergenic!


No wrinkles, no stains, no smell. These sheets are made from premium double-brushed fabric, which maintains their sleekness for well-after they’ve been used.


The fabric is the softest bed sheet fabric we’ve ever felt, but holds up great after being machine washed and dried. They won’t pile, rip, or tear, but they will get softer over time!


If you and your spouse need a REAL solution for sleep that involves staying in the same bed, consider Cosy House! We’re still kicking ourselves that we didn’t make this switch sooner. They have a giant color selection and offer bed sheets in all sizes – even California King & Split King. They’re having a huge site-wide sale right now and everything is nearly 65% off!

Note from the editor: There’s a limited supply of the Cosy House Luxury Bamboo bed sheets and were recently sold out for a month. The sheets are currently in stock in all colors and sizes, so get them now before they’re gone!

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