Some of the best Meal-Kit delivery services


Meal-Kit delivery services are still relevantly new, but they offer some great services to get the ingredients you need together without having to go around multiple supermarkets to find everything you need, they’re convenient and effective but come with a price, here are some of the best Meal-Kit delivery services we’ve found.

1. Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct are fantastic in their easy to use website, they make it simple to use by listing their meal kits like any other product on their website. Most of their meals serve two people with the odd exception that serves a family. The meal kit options on the website even give you an estimated cooking time, you can cook up some meals in as little as 20 minutes which is one of the fastest we’ve seen.

2. Green Chef

Green chef’s meal kits are USDA-certified, meaning that at least 90% of the ingredients they send you are organic. Their website is easy to navigate and their kits give you color-coded recipe cards allowing you to make lovely fancy meals quick and easy. Green Chef offer three menu’s to choose from; Paleo, Keto and Gluten-Free, the Gluten-Free option is certified via the Gluten Intolerance Groups GFFS program which is reassuring.

3. Chef’d

Chef’d as the name implies offers over 650 recipes from world renowned chefs such as Rachel Carr who is an expert chef with Vegan foods, to Duff Goldman the cake master. This is one of the few non-subscription based services around, meaning you can use as and when you like and not have the worry of ingredients going bad. You can choose from Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and even sort into your dietary needs such as Vegetarian, Gluten-Free or Diabetic friendly.

4. Terra’s Kitchen

Terra’s Kitchen is unique in the way it sends the food items and makes it stand out among the rest. They send the ingredients out in a non-electric refrigerated container, where you simply pull the shelves out, fill your fridge, put it back together and send it back, it is much more environment friendly than some of the other services, and much more convenient. Like most other sites they offer a range of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even desserts, snacks and beverages. These can also be filtered by your dietary needs.

5. PeachDish

One of the best things about PeachDish is that it offers a healthy version of Southern classics by working with nutritionists to get many of the dishes down to 600 calories or less. The ingredients are almost sourced entirely from local farms in the Southeast, and have sustainable practices in place. You can choose what delivery days you want and change the amount of servings you need through the subscription service, but if you’re just wanting to have one delivered every now and again you can checkout as a guest.

6. Every Plate

Every Plate is a fantastic service for those who aren’t the most adventurous of cooks who are looking for an affordable meal. They offer basic plan meals for as little as $5 a serving, and you can increase this to cover a family per meal. Every Plates goal is to get everyone eating in as little time as possible in the easiest way. Their slogan after all is “Our aim is to bring tasty value and convenience, not make you a chef”.

7. Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a fantastic website for Vegans or people who are lactose intolerant, everything they offer is plant based and fresh. Each week the chefs offer up a new selection of plant based dishes, and what makes them great is they’re all tasty with the creative sauces, herbs and spices that they offer in their meals. Purple Carrot takes pride in their meals being healthy and tasty, as well as being environmentally friendly by only offering plant based meals, cutting down on emissions and water use.

To summarize, there are plenty of options out there to cater to everyone’s needs, these are only but a few of the many Meal-Kit services out there. There are still fantastic places to go such as Sun Basket, Daily Harvest and HelloFresh to name a few. Though these do come at a cost, we feel the majority of them are much more environmentally friendly, and convenient when it comes to getting the ingredients together to make the dishes you want.


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