Some of the most comfortable women’s socks


Socks are often overlooked for being important in the wardrobe department, but believe it or not socks make quite a big difference in the comfort of your feet, sure the shoes make a big difference too, but whats a comfortable pair of shoes with uncomfortable socks?

There are many factors that women need to take into consideration when buying a pair of socks, what type of shoe they’re for for example, what activity they’re for, whether they’re for the gym, work or general wear.

As for the material, are you wanting something that’s thin and breathes or something thick and warm.

We’ve done a bit of research for you to give you some of the best socks out there for different occasions, so have a read and see whats best for you.

The best value Low cut – Top Step’s Low Cut Athlete Socks (12 pack)

If you’re after a good deal for some high quality socks, this 12 pack of Top Step’s Low Cut athlete socks is a steal. They’re made of a soft-spun polyester and spandex fabric making them soft and breathable, they have a low cut and cushioned soles for more comfort. Available in sizes 4 – 10.

The most affordable ankle high – K-Lorra high-ankle socks

For $13 you can grab yourself a six-pack of these comfortable socks. They’re crew socks made of a blend of polyester, spandex and cotton. They’re light on the feet, breathable and keep your feet nice and warm. Available in sizes 5 – 8.

A fantastic wool option – Darn Tough cushioned hiking socks

These are a little on the pricey side at $21 for a pair, but come highly recommended, they’re a very high quality, thick sock that has plenty of great features that justify the cost. They have cushioning along the bottom giving you optimal support for your feet if you are on your feet for hours at a time. Available in sizes 4.5 – 11.5.

The most comfortable gym socks – Balega no show socks

The best choice for workout’s is this blister resistant pair of socks. They have a seam-free fit, moisture wicking fabric and an enhanced arch band which is what makes these the most comfortable socks to workout in on the market coming in at $13. Available in sizes 6 – 15.5.

An affordable pair of socks for runners – Literra’s women’s cushioned athlete socks

This is the best value for money when it comes to workout socks, being only $15 for six pairs. They feature a cushioned sole, heel tab and are reinforced around the toe and heel area for stability and comfort during workouts. They’re super soft, wear and tear resistant and have a enhanced elastic arch with a mesh top. They’re described as “super cushy and comfortable”. Available in sizes 6 – 12.


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