Some of this years best cat toys – 2019 edition


Your cats deserve lots of exercise, this doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be anything strenuous, as long as they’re able to run around and stretch their muscles this should be ample exercise normally, but here is a list of some of the best toys to make their exercise more exciting.

The teaser cat catcher wand

This fantastic little contraption is sturdy and durable and can withstand hundreds of swipes and pounces. The teaser is made up of a dangling piece shaped like a rat with a chunky body and long tail, giving your feline friend something to chase after, and a 35cm rod holding the rat shaped piece to give you plenty of length to avoid any mishaps. The fabric strings connecting the rod to the piece is made of wire, which if left laying around, could easily catch your cat out and get tangled so poses a bit of a health risk. So freely play with your cat with the toy but be sure to put it safely away when finished.

Tower of tracks

The tower of tracks is made up of four stacked discs with small balls in between them to give them the motion the cats love. It can spin around and roll about the track that you’ve created. They’re very sturdy and your cat will never pry them open with their paws no matter how hard they try. This unique toy is guaranteed to keep your cat busy and playful.

Skitter critters catnip mice

We all know cats go crazy for cat nip, the smell just does something to them that makes them want it really bad. These toys contain the catnip your cats crave and come in a variety of colors. They’re made from eco-friendly 100% recycled plastic with a safe high grade fiber holding them together. You can be rest assured that your cat will be safe with these toys as there are no chemicals or pesticides in the production.

Design senses play circuit

This is basically the marble run game that we all enjoyed so much playing as kids, but for cats. Think of the circuit that the ball used to move around, but this has an opening to give your cat an opportunity to pounce on and catch the ball that’s travelling through. This is a great little game to keep your cats entertained, and help develop their reflexes. The other great thing about this cat toy is that you can add on to the track with purchasable expansions.

Pets Feather KittyStick

This colorfully designed stick mimics feathers of a bird that cats are known to prey on. The bright colors in different patterns stimulates your cats curiosity, while being sturdy and durable for when they play with it. The handle is telescopic to keep the end away from you while you play with your feline friend. This toy is fantastic at bringing the hunter out in your cat but please keep safety in mind, don’t leave it laying around when not being used.

Hot Pursuit Concealed motion toy

If there’s one thing a cat loves its going after their prey. It’s their natural instinct after all, they love pouncing and clawing and this toy is perfect to bring that out in them. This is an electronic toy that is like a flattened circular tent, with a wand attached to the middle and a soft toy attached to the wand. The wand moves to create the illusion that there is something moving around under the tent like sheeting with lights to further entice your cat. What’s fantastic about this toy is that the contraption underneath moves quite erratically like a real rodent would when it’s being pounced on, giving your cat hours of fun.

Heavy gauge plastic colorful springs cat toy

While most cats prefer balls or mice looking toys, some enjoy chasing a good old spring. If your cat prefers the springs then look no further than the colorful springs cat toy. Each pack comes with 5 brightly colored springs in different sizes ranging from 1 – 2 inches in length. They’re made of cat safe plastic, so if your cat likes a bit of a gnaw you can be rest assured that they will be ok. These can give your cat hours of fun, they can pounce on them and they’ll spring back up or roll across the floor, it gives you great entertainment as an owner to watch too.

So we’ve given you a list of different types of toys for your feline friends, each with their own benefits but all with the purpose of one goal, to unleash your cats inner predatory hunting skills and to give them something fun to play with to keep them active.

It’s important for cats to play with toys such as these to nurture their natural instincts and keep them from misbehaving, as well as providing them with hours of fun.