The calming tea’s that help with anxiety


Millions of people suffer with different forms of anxiety, there are medications out there to help with this but they’re not suited to everyone. There are also other methods in helping alleviate anxiety such as yoga, meditation or some nice calming tea’s to help you on your way.

So if drinking some tea to help with your anxiety sounds like one of the best options for you then look no further than our list of calming tea’s that can genuinely help with anxiety.

Allegro Relaxing Chamomile

This tea is a mix of harthorne berry, rose petals, eleuthero with a chamomile base. The eleuthero root offers help with anxiety and long term stress and the hawthorne berry helps lower blood pressure, which can help reduce the physical symptoms you get with anxiety. After drinking this for a couple of weeks, we didn’t really notice much difference, though it did taste lovely. Though it didn’t affect stress levels in the short term, this may be a good tea to test over longer periods of time.

The republic of tea, Get Relaxed

This one requires a particular taste, unlike most other tea’s this one is quite floral with the strong taste of rose and lavender. If you do like this however, it offers aroma-therapeutic benefits, with rose being a gentle, soothing flower and lavender being one of the best relaxing flowers. It also contains Chamomile , passion flower and rooibos. This works quite well in alleviating stress almost instantly and I’d recommend for it to be your go to for an instant relaxer.

Yogi Calming Tea

Here is another chamomile based tea, this one is also slightly different with the ingredients it uses and may put some people off. What’s different about this tea is it’s addition of licorice and gotu kola. Gotu kola has been proven to be very effective on anxiety. The tea’s advertised as having a plum flavor to it but we couldn’t taste that unfortunately, what we got was a herby, very sweet taste. This is another very calming tea and we recommend this as being one of your every day drinks if you don’t mind sweet tea.

Pukka Relax Tea

This tea contains sweet and bitter fennel seed’s, licorice, chamomile, ginger root, marshmallow root and cardamom pod for the flavor. This is a fantastic tea on soothing the stomach. As a lot of people with anxiety agree, the stomach-brain connection is very real. If you have a bad stomach you get a sense of waves of anxiety overcoming you. So this tea is fantastic for those with a bad stomach and want a tasty, relaxing tea to help alleviate that feeling.

Numi Presence

This blend of tea is based around spearmint, lemon grass, bamboo leaves, elder flower, ginger, lavender, schizandra berries and hawthorne berries. This tea says its meant to provide a sense of calm, it tastes quite earthy with the bamboo leaves with a minty taste at the end, though it did taste quite nice we didn’t notice any noticeable effects on stress levels.

Traditional Medicinals Cup of Calm

This tea is a really effective anxiety reliever in our eyes. We instantly found after drinking a cup of this tea we were much more relaxed. We believe the secret in this tea is the passion flower as to why it’s so effective, as passion flower has been shown in studies as being as effective as some of the prescribed anxiety pills out today.


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