Top tips for travelling with children


No matter whether you’re a veteran traveler with children or new to it, it can still be very daunting. There’s always the worry of things going wrong, not packing enough for the kids, keeping them entertained, getting poorly while abroad, the list goes on and on. Its only natural to worry about taking your children on holiday, but in the end you’re creating memories with them that will last a lifetime. Here are some tips to help you with your family holidays to give everyone the best experience you can have with less worry.

1. Take your time

You and your partner may have been on many holidays where you’ve rushed off the plane to get to the coach and get to your hotel as soon as you could so you can relax and unwind, but when you have children with you this can be stressful. Take your time, let everyone else rush around you, and you’ll find the start of the trip to be less stressful.

2. Don’t pack too much

Don’t be packing your suitcase thinking that if you don’t take this and that, that you’ll be stuck or struggle with something. Remember that most things you take with you, you can buy while you’re on holiday. Things like diapers for example can be bought from any supermarket on holiday, if you’re worried about non-eco brands then do a test run before you leave to see if your child is ok with them.

3. Baby Stroller or sling

This is a common dilemma and boils down to where you’ll be travelling to. Will the pathways be a smooth ride for a stroller? Is it a long distance to the town or beach? In most cases a stroller is a lot more convenient when you’re on holiday, it might be worth finding a lightweight compact stroller to take away with you and use a sling for short distances.

4. Packing wisely, essentials and baby food

Luckily your nappy bag will count as your carry on, so you can pack everything you need for the trip in there. You will need to take into consideration delays, length of the trip etc so make sure you over pack on the things you think you’ll need for the journey. Packing things like a change of clothes, diaper bags, wipes, extra diapers, spare pacifiers, toys and suckable sweets for the take-off. As for food make sure you have enough to cover every meal for at least 2 days to be safe. A lot of airports do provide for babies when it comes to food, but this can be expensive. Take enough in case there are delays.

5. Planning your flights effectively

The best times to plan your flights for will be around bed time for the kids. They can sleep on the flight and this will make things ten times easier for the trip.

Also try and make the trip part of the holiday, make it as exciting for them as possible. Give yourself enough time for bathroom breaks, to be able to stretch your legs between travelling, time to eat and play. This will make everything feel a lot easier for you and the children.

6. Check-in online to save time

Checking in online minimizes the time in queue’s at the airport, queue’s are tedious the best of times, but when you have children in the queue with you they can become restless and possibly create. All you need to do when you check-in online is drop of your bags and go through security, its as time saving and simple as that.

7. Explain the journey to your children

If your child has never traveled before, tell them about what they’re about to do. Explain to them when they’re getting on the plane, what to do while they’re on there and why. Most importantly make it a fun experience for them.

8. Keep calm and carry on

There is a good chance that your child might create and be a non-stop screamer. The best way to combat this is stay calm, try your best to calm them down, but most importantly don’t let it get to you and raise your voice, this never helps and only creates more of a situation.

9. Have fun

You can plan until you’re blue in the face to avoid any problems and to give you the best possible experience for yourselves and your children, but what it all comes down to is having fun. The journey is only the beginning of your holiday, make sure its as pleasurable as possible for you all, but just remember that once you’re there that’s when the real fun begins.


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